An Accessory for Seduction, for Little Girls?

On our class site, I found an article about lingerie for little girls… Disturbing right?  Usually people imagine lingerie as an accessory for seduction for adults, but the brand Jours Aprel Lunes thinks that it is necessary for little girls including infants to wear sexy lingerie so they can be more like their mothers.

Many arguments were posed in this article such as the purpose for lingerie.  Though most people use lingerie for seduction, there are still a handful of people who just like wearing lingerie, but still, they are grown women.  And lingerie is usually something you wear for someone else to see, and to impress them, but now we have little girls wearing lingerie.  Lingerie is a type of clothing that people use to become more sexually appealing, not cute and adorable, which is the category most mother’s aim for.  A defense the brand had was that little girls like to play dress up in their mother’s clothes, but that does not mean you make the mother’s clothes in their size.  I believe that there is a very good reason to why some things are not made in kid sizes… because they are made for adults to wear and use not kids!

Having worked at a bikini store that carries both adult and children’s bikinis, I have learned that mothers are very protective over their little daughter’s bodies.  We carry mostly cute one piece bathing suits, but we also do have those rare cut out one pieces that are itty bitty with a Brazilian cut, but most mothers try to stay away from those.  They find the bikinis to be a bit too exposing, and they do not want their daughters exposing a lot of skin from a young age.

I understand that mothers like to dress up their daughters in cute outfits, but if I were a mother, I would not want my daughter wearing lingerie period.  I feel that it would attract the wrong attention and wrong people.  And at the same time, you are rushing kids into growing up when you have them wear lingerie, where most women do not wear lingerie until they are fully sexually active, which is not during their elementary or grade school years.  I feel that the production of lingerie for young girls could be very dangerous because it ultimately promotes sexual activity from a young age.

For more information, the link to the article is below.

Petite Couquette: Lingerie for Little Girls


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